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Marketing for the Underdogs

Crackle was formed to help small businesses transform by adopting strategies that enable them to grow in a world that shifted from analog to digital overnight. Every successful business is fueled by a fire. For many, it’s being snuffed by the rapid pace of change. Our goal is to help breathe life back into that fire and make it burn hot with a deafening crackle.

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From The Founders Of Square 2

Our founders created Square 2 Marketing over 18 years ago, so they know a thing or two about digital marketing and making companies successful. With Crackle, they’re committed to making it easy and affordable for small businesses to get professional marketing guidance usually reserved for larger companies.

Our Vision

To help business owners market their companies in a digital world and provide the guidance, advice and support to help them grow their business.

Honor The Small Business
Lift Others Up
Change Or Die
Strategy Before Tactics
Digital First

Our Guarantee

All services and work we do are always reviewed by an experienced,
trained and certified Crackle marketing professional.
All services are included with your fixed monthly price.

There are never hidden fees or extra charges.

Meet Our Leaders

Mike Lieberman, President Crackle Marketing
Mike Lieberman, President

Mike Lieberman leads the Crackle Marketing team and manages all aspects of the company’s operations. In addition to his role at Crackle Marketing, Mike is the co-founder and CEO at Square 2 and MAXG, a software company.

Eric Keiles, CMO Crackle Marketing
Eric Keiles, Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Keiles leads our sales and marketing teams and helps onboard new clients. In addition to his role at Crackle Marketing, Eric is the CMO and founder of Square 2, and he has created five businesses over his career.

Drew Donaldson, CSO Crackle Marketing
Drew Donaldson, Chief Strategist

Drew leads our strategy and client services team. In addition to his role at Crackle Marketing, Drew has built several small businesses, including a software company, mobile notary service, and a media production and design studio.


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