What the heck is a Crackle Marketing
What the heck is a Crackle Marketing

When we started telling people about Crackle Marketing, we tried using a bunch of different analogies to explain what we do as Small Business Strategists.

"It's like a personal trainer for your business."

"It's like a financial adviser but for your marketing."

"It's like a marketing life coach."


While Some better than others...

Heidy Ho Neighbor!
Heidy Ho Neighbor!



"It's like having Wilson from "Home Improvement" as a neighbor, but he's really into marketing instead of Peruvian war masks."




The reality is that no analogy suits the marketing journey we take our clients on. So instead of more analogies, let's dive into the first ten steps to marketing success as a new Crackle Marketing client.

Completing your online intake

Your First Day: Intake

Ahead of your first meeting, you'll be sent an intake form along with some orientation materials to get you up and running in our CrackleConnect Client Portal. We ask you to complete these items ahead of your first strategy session as we'll be reviewing the details you provide during that meeting.

Your Brand Tool BoxStep 1: Brand Builder

Your first call with your Strategist will consist of an in-depth review of your intake form, and beginning our first Marketing Task together, the Brand Builder.

The Brand Builder is the first step in your marketing Journey. It allows your Strategist to get to know and understand your business and provides an opportunity for both of you to begin crafting the language, phrasing, voice, and tone that you will use in marketing your business.

At the end of your first call, you'll have some homework to complete based on your conversation with your Strategist. Don't worry! Your assignments won't be too challenging; we know you're a busy business owner, so we're careful not to overload you.

Security is our priority

Step 2: Access Granted

During your second strategy session, you'll work with your Strategist to give them the appropriate access to the various marketing tools you will use in your business. Access to services like Google Analytics and Adwords, Facebook Business manager, and your marketing automation platform will help your Strategist diagnose any issues and optimize the overall performance of these tools. We use industry-standard credential management systems to ensure access to your platforms is tightly guarded and closely monitored. During your session, your Strategist may suggest adopting some new tools to better monitor your site's performance.

Optimizing your Website's architectureStep 3: The Website Audit-Architecture

Your website is the Homebase for all your marketing efforts, so it's the first place we start when establishing a new marketing strategy. On this call, your Strategist will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and help you optimize your website structure and navigation. It's crucial to join the call on your desktop or laptop so we can share screens and make changes to your site in real-time. If you would prefer to have your current web developer make the changes on your behalf, we can provide a recording of the audit at your request. Alternatively, you can invite them to your session, so your Strategist can work with them one-on-one.

Optimizing your website's contentStep 4: The Website Audit - Content improvements

Next, you'll have your first live copywriting session with your Strategist. On the call, your Strategist will go through the content on your website and help you rewrite any sections they feel are detrimental to your site's performance or can be rephrased to better tell your business's story.

Setting up your dashboardStep 5: Finalizing the website, integrating new technology, and setting up your Command Center

As we finalize the updates to your website, we'll also ensure all the supporting technology for your website (think Tracking pixels, CRM integrations, and e-commerce tools) are set up and running correctly. Once we confirm that your technology is humming along, we'll work with you to set up a reporting dashboard for your business to highlight the most critical metrics for your business's success a provide you with daily reporting.

Step 6: Optimizing social channels and directory listingssetting up your channels

With your website optimized, we next want to review your social media channel, along with any business directory or search engine listings like Google My Business and Alignable. Your Strategist will review each platform and work with you to develop a consistent brand image across your online marketing channels. If you've opted for one of our advanced packages, this session will also serve to introduce you to the talented Crackle-ites who will be helping you manage your online presence.


You marketing blueprintStep 7: Developing your custom Marketing Blueprint

Now that your website and digital marketing channels are optimized. It's time to put your ongoing marketing strategy in writing. Using our specialized software, we can chart your entire customer journey touchpoint to touchpoint while providing revenue projections and a what-if simulator so you can see the impact of every dollar spent.  

Planning your first campaign

Step 8: Building your first campaign

With your Blueprint in hand, we'll build our first marketing Campaign together. While we recommend starting with a simple Google pay-per-click campaign or a combined Facebook Instagram campaign, You can request starting your marketing efforts on whichever platform you prefer. On this first campaign planning call, you'll set up the targeting, budget, and campaign structure. After your call, your Strategist may ask you to brainstorm ad ideas or prepare some creative elements for your next call.

All engines go for marketing your businessStep 9: Launching your first campaign

Next, you'll work with your Strategist to implement the ad creative you've been brainstorming. Your Strategist will conduct and live copywriting session with you to polish your concepts into click-worthy ad copy.



Step 10: Review and improvement.

As you begin seeing results from your first campaign, your Strategist will walk you through your initial reporting and point out the key metrics we'll be tracking together in this new phase. This also begins a new development cycle for your business's marketing. Our Test - Analyze - Build (TAB) framework will allow us to bring new ideas to your marketing, Test them on a small scale, and capitalize on their performance. 

Vacation Brain One year later...

You joined this week's session from a cab on the way to the airport, where you would be joining your family for a much-needed vacation.

On the call, your Strategist reviewed the details of your last email campaign. Your open rate jumped ten percent on that last mailing! It looks like the time you spent in last week's copywriting session paid off—you're developing a talent for crafting eye-catching subject lines and article headings.

You think back to the weeks before you joined Crackle and how frustrated you felt trying and failing to write compelling copy for your business. How hopeless you felt when people just wouldn't click your ads, and how unsure you felt about ever getting a real handle on your marketing. Now, only a year later, it's as easy as making a cup of coffee and picking up the phone.



"Are you still there...?"Time to relax

You come back from your daydream and excuse yourself.


"Thanks for the update, but let's cut it short today. My mind's already on vacation. I'll set up our next call as soon as I get back in town."


 And with that, you hang up your phone and officially start your much-needed and deserved vacation.

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Drew Donaldson

Drew Donaldson

Drew is a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Crackle Marketing. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and small business owners, Drew has followed in those footsteps, building several small businesses, including a software company, mobile notary service, marketing consultancy, and a media production and design studio. Drew is a regular speaker on the marketing and technology circuit and can often be heard as a guest on entrepreneurial and small business-centric podcasts. In his free time, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife, renovating his victorian era home, and brewing beer and mead in his basement.