8 Things To Do To Ramp Up Social Media Marketing

Social media is never going away, so it’s time to stop ignoring it. Despite all its flaws and changeability, social media represents a powerful channel to drive leads and improve conversion rates. 

Social media connects people, and with a solid plan, you become more shareable and more available to new customers in your target market. Here are eight ideas you can use to help land those new leads and improve your bottom line.

Make Social Media A Given

Without a social media presence, businesses may not build as much trust as those with a solid social media marketing plan. People are expecting your organization to be present, and social media is one way to do so.

Whether it’s one of the top social media sites or you find your ideal customers on a smaller, niche site, make it a given part of your inbound marketing system to be there. Your competitors certainly are.

Build Reach Aggressively

A key performance indicator is your total reach or the number of everyone who found you through your social media channels. This gives you an idea of how you’re doing with your marketing campaigns and whether you’re providing engaging value.

Expand that reach, and your ideal customers will be able to find you. While your content may be carefully crafted to attract a specific type of audience, your overall reach must expand along with it.

Publish Content

You have to create valuable content consistently. Period. If you agonize over posts and never hit “publish” your audience will slowly drift away. Social media moves quickly, so spend some time researching just how often to post to stay in line with each social media channel you’re on.

Focus on value content, not selling content. Educate, inform, teach, or otherwise provide enrichment with each piece you publish. This is about your audience, not your bottom line. Use your data to find out what posts your audience responds to with enthusiasm and create more of it.

Use All Sites That Make Senses For Your Business

You can’t be everywhere, but you can be where your target audience is. If your ideal customer is heavily involved in Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, you need to be there. Do your research and build in content that makes sense for your business.

Don’t discount a niche site just because it doesn’t have billions of subscribers. Even with a few million, if your target audience is there, it’s worth it. If it’s a smaller site, chances are your competition doesn’t have a presence yet, and that’s even better for you.

Be Consistent

You must stick with social media because you need the data. You can’t publish a post here and there and expect to have enough data to drive an engaging campaign. This is one of those times where you must experiment, tweak and measure to get the right content going.

This method can take a while to get just right, but it’s worth it. The more you do, the more your audience gets involved. Put a plan for a minimum daily interaction for each site and make sure you hit those goals.

Leverage Your Employees

You may not understand Tik Tok or the newest niche site, but someone on your team does. Use your team’s knowledge of platforms to find out what’s working. If your assistant is a master Tik Tok user, take advantage of that knowledge and allow him to master your company’s Tik Tok as well.

You probably have employees who would love the chance to get creative and interact with others on their preferred social media platform. You’ll make the transition into social media marketing more manageable, but be sure everyone is on the same page.

Getting Started With Social Media

Social media must be part of your overall marketing strategy, but you can’t overthink it. The best way to get started is to jump in and use the data to help you pivot your content. 

Take a look at your profile and ensure that all information is up to date, your picture is modern and the content is engaging. From there, begin crafting your content to provide real value to your customer.

Consider setting up an editorial calendar in the same 30-day sprints as you do with the rest of your marketing campaign. You’ll have a cohesive strategy that accounts for the real-time data as it comes in. Drop the content that isn’t working and do more of what brings you engagement.

As you begin to master social media, your customers will have ways to share your content and share their loyalty. It’s in your best interest to find a social media marketing plan that works for your organization.

And keep a close eye on your overall reach. This number will be a baseline for finding new customers, nurturing existing ones, and distributing your content efficiently. Watch that number as it grows over time, and you’ll have a healthy social media marketing plan.

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