Small Business Marketing Strategist

Crackle is seeking a Marketing Superhero

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Are you a marketer tired of the corporate grind?
Are you frustrated with having all of your good ideas ignored or sidelined by middle-management cogs?
Do you wish your managers would encourage you to not only think outside the box but execute on it?


Job Description 

Crackle.Marketing is a new kind of marketing agency focused on helping small businesses grow and succeed in a challenging market.

As a Crackle.Marketing strategist, you’ll be assigned a stable of 20 small businesses from around the country that you’ll help on a weekly and biweekly basis through video calls, chats, text, and email.

Throughout your engagement, you’ll help clients with various marketing tasks, including the basics of optimizing their websites, improving their sales copy, and launching their first paid media campaigns.

You’ll also guide your clients in choosing the right marketing tools and platforms for their business and educating them on how to use those tools to grow their business.

Most importantly, you’ll work with your clients to develop and execute marketing plans designed to grow their business while keeping their budget and capabilities in balance.

Your role will be both hands-on and advisory, and you’ll be encouraged to go the extra mile for your clients to create a truly remarkable experience.

In addition to your assigned clients, you’ll also be responsible for meeting with prospects and closing new business, as well as occasionally upselling clients additional service offerings and subscriptions. As you grow with the company, you’ll be responsible for managing up to 40 clients at a time.

It is important to note that this is not a high-pressure sales business. We practice consultative selling and only want to work with clients who value our service and who will see growth in working with us. You’ll never be asked to sell a client something that they don’t need or will not benefit them.


We want to meet you if:

  • You have at least 5 years of experience as a marketer or can otherwise prove your marketing expertise.
  • Nothing makes you happier than helping business owners achieve their dreams.
  • You love talking, teaching, and sharing knowledge, but also know when to listen.
  • You understand the value of hard work, investing in yourself, and keeping a positive growth-oriented mindset.
  • You're comfortable working with people and businesses of all kinds.
  • You're a digital native with high-speed internet running through your veins, technology fears you, and your old IT department respects you.
  • You moonlight as both a closet organizer and circus juggler: Your ability to keep multiple color-coded balls in the air is unsurpassed.
  • You’re comfortable operating independently, remotely, and without constant supervision.
  • You’re comfortable with the idea of consultative selling and love the thrill of closing a new client.
  • You’re authentic, you’re charismatic, and you have a sense of humor.
  • You’re looking to escape the soulless grind and want to have a job you actually enjoy with a management team that wants you to lead and succeed.
  • You are located in the USA


Bonus Points:

  • You’ve started or run a small business.
  • You have a specialization in SEO, e-commerce marketing, course creation, or another unique aspect of marketing.


If you share our passion for helping small business owners grow their businesses, this might be the place for you.


How to Apply

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